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Dizzy Spit Roasts’ catering packages provide delicious spit-roasted meats that are flavourful, ethically sourced, and processed. We believe in delivering the highest-quality products to our customers while upholding strong ethical and environmental values. Let us walk you through our dedication to ethical practices, our high standards of meat quality, and what this means for the meat we offer. Let’s have a quick look at why ethical meat matters and how we ensure these standards are met.

Specific Meat Offerings

Free Range Beef

Our free-range beef comes from cattle that graze freely on open pastures. This natural lifestyle is recognised as producing meat that is tender, juicy, and robust in flavour. The cattle are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, which ensures a cleaner product with less risk.

Free-range farming offers significant benefits mainly because the animals are healthier and less stressed, leading to better-quality meat. The varied diet also means that the meat has a superior, more complex flavour profile.

Free Range Lamb

Our free-range lamb is sourced from farms where sheep are raised in open fields, providing them with a natural and stress-free environment. This produces lamb that is succulent, tender, and full of flavour.

The benefits of free-range lamb are evident in its taste and texture. These farming practices treat the animals with care and respect, which means that meat is not only delicious but also ethically produced.

Sow Stall-Free Raised Pork

We insist that our pork comes from farms that practice sow stall-free farming. In this method, mother pigs (sows) are not confined to restrictive stalls during their pregnancies. Rather, they are given the freedom to move and socialise as they would naturally.

Sow stall-free farming is crucial for animal welfare. Pigs are intelligent animals, and their welfare suffers when they are not looked after respectfully. This method allows the sows to engage in their natural behaviours, reducing stress and improving their overall health. This humane approach benefits the animals and, thus, the meat quality they yield.

Our Commitment to Ethical Practices

Respectful and Humane Treatment of Animals

There is no question about it: we believe that animals deserve to be treated with dignity and kindness. This belief guides our business practices and underpins every decision we make.

How We Ensure Our Suppliers Adhere to These Practices

We’re not alone, though. Our suppliers feel the same way about the treatment of animals. Well-being is a priority. This, of course, means access to clean water and nutrient-rich food. It also means freedom to roam and engage in their natural behaviours. Animal well-being also means health checks and employees handling them with care.

Environmental Sustainability

Our Commitment to Environmentally Sustainable Farming and Processing Practices

Of course, we’re aware of the environmental impacts that farming and meat processing have. While mitigating every aspect of the process is impossible, we aim to consider sustainability and make choices that minimise this impact.

High Standards of Meat Quality

Guaranteed High Standard

Quality is non-negotiable at Dizzy Spit Roasts. When you book one of our packages, you can trust that you’re getting meat that is not only ethically sourced but also exceptional quality.

Ethically Farmed and Processed in Australia

We are proud to support Australian farmers by sourcing all our meat locally. This ensures the freshness and quality of our products and helps sustain the local economy. Our suppliers work closely with farmers who share our ethical treatment and sustainability values.

Benefits of Local Sourcing: Freshness, Quality, and Supporting Local Farmers

Local sourcing offers numerous benefits. By reducing the distance meat travels from farm to table, we ensure it retains its freshness and flavour. Additionally, supporting local farmers helps to keep traditional farming practices alive while strengthening the community. At Dizzy Spit Roasts, we are committed to celebrating the best of Australian agriculture.

Why Ethical Meat Matters

How Ethical Farming Practices Improve the Lives of Animals

Ethical farming practices have a profound impact on the lives of animals. Providing animals with a humane and respectful environment ensures their well-being and reduces their suffering. This approach fosters a healthier, more contented animal population, directly translating into better quality meat.

Long-Term Benefits for the Industry and Consumers

Adhering to a system that benefits both sides of the process seems logical to us. For the industry, this means a sustainable supply chain; for consumers, it means access to delicious meat produced with integrity. We think these processes are not just necessary but essential for building a future where food production respects animals and the environment.

Impact on the Environment

How Sustainable Farming Practices Protect the Environment

Sustainable farming practices will become increasingly important in protecting the environment. By using methods that preserve soil health, reduce water usage, and minimise greenhouse gas emissions, we contribute to safeguarding the health of our planet. This ensures that we can continue to produce food without depleting natural resources or harming ecosystems.

Benefits of Reduced Environmental Impact for Future Generations

The benefits of reduced environmental impact are well-known and, to our mind, should be the obvious choice. Sustainability is key to ensuring that future generations inherit a planet that is actually capable of supporting life. On a practical level, farming systems that have already made steps towards sustainability will be better able to withstand climate change and other environmental pressures.

Impact on Quality and Flavour

Connection Between Ethical Farming and Superior Meat Quality

The connection between ethical farming and superior meat quality is immediately obvious when you do a taste test, so it is a no-brainer for us. Animals that are raised in humane and natural conditions tend to be healthier and produce better meat. Happy animals = tastier meat.

Testimonials from Customers Who Notice the Difference

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Our customers consistently taste the difference. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

“Jay did an amazing job at our son’s 21st party. He came and set up very efficiently, and the food he produced was truly delicious. The partygoers kept eating until the early hours! Thank you, Jay, for making the evening so stress-free. Highly recommended!!” – Greg and Helen Dewar, Cootharaba – via Facebook

” We recently used Dizzy Spit Roasts for my husband’s 50th. The food was absolutely beautiful. The pork and beef were cooked to perfection, and the salads were absolutely delicious. We had plenty left over for a late-night snack for all the guests. Jay took all the work and stress away. He set up, cooked, served, and cleaned up. Would definitely use them again.” – Sally-Anne Stoddart, Peregian Beach – Via Facebook

How We Ensure Ethical Standards

Choosing Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are chosen based on values such as humane animal treatment, high-quality products, and environmental sustainability. We want our partners to share these values and have a proven track record.


At Dizzy Spit Roasts, we deliver the highest-quality meat while upholding the highest ethical standards. Our commitment to humane treatment, environmental sustainability, and transparency ensures that you can confidently enjoy our food. Join us in supporting a food system that respects animals, protects the environment, and provides superior-quality meat. Thank you for choosing Dizzy Spit Roasts, where ethical practices and exceptional flavour meet.

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