Dizzy Spit Roasts

Sunshine Coast & Noosa, QLD


Perfect for wedding and corporate catering Sunshine Coast

Our premium buffet spit roast packages are perfect for all occasions including wedding catering and corporate events. This option is priced at a flat rate of $34 per guest and requires a minimum of 50 guests. The premium packages offer a larger variety of cold side options, a choice of roasted potatoes or corn cobettes, butter portions with your bread rolls, and eco-friendly disposable plates, cutlery, & napkins. The package also includes a cook and additional staff (if required) to cook and serve the food. The number of staff included in the package is based on the number of guests and the items ordered from us.

Self serve buffet style catering

We offer a “buffet style” service, where your guests will serve themselves. We can provide the tables and tablecloths for the service area, which can be styled by you or by us upon request. Basic service trays, white platters, and stainless utensils will also be provided, but if you have your own that you’d like to use to match a specific style or theme, you are welcome to do so. However, any other specific pieces that you wish to use to decorate or style the buffet table with must be provided by the organiser(s).

Included in the package

Spit hire, delivery, pick up charcoal & cleaning of the spit
Meat – beef (whole rump), lamb (boneless legs) or pork (boneless legs

Hot Side (corn or potatoes)

Cold sides (choose from menu)

Condiments (choose from menu)

Bread Rolls & Butter Portions

Eco-friendly Disposable Plates, Cutlery & Napkins

Staff to set up and carve

Service tables & tablecloths

Serving platters & utensils

Cleaning of the equipment


Frequently Asked Questions

For budget and premium catering packages, we generally arrive approximately 4-5 hours before your eating time, depending on the size of your event. For DIY catering packages, we arrive approximately 3-4 hours before your eating time.

We will require you to provide us with an outdoor space to cook and prep. Ideally, this space should be approximately 5 x 3m and reasonably close to a power source. In the event of bad weather, we will also require shelter, which can be in the form of a marquee, awning, carport, etc.

At Dizzy Spit Roasts we do not. Other than the aesthetics, we don't believe there are any other pros to cooking a whole beast.

Dizzy Spit Roasts services the Sunshine Coast and Noosa. Catering Caloundra to Gympie and the surrounding hinterland suburbs.

Yes, our beef and lamb are both free-range and our pork is sow stall, free-raised. All our meat is ethically farmed here in Australia.

We allocate 250g of meat per person for our DIY and Budget catering and 300g per person for our premium catering packages.

For DIY and budget packages, we allocate approximately 200g of sides and 1 bread roll per person. For the premium package, we allocate approximately 300g of sides per person. (keep in mind that the exact weight will vary depending on the types of sides you order, as salad leaf is a lot lighter than potato and pasta etc.).

Dizzy Spit Roasts suggests that you cater for more guests than are attending. You need to remember that it is not an "all-you-can-eat buffet," and we can not control how much your guests serve themselves.

Yes, all Dizzy Spit Roasts' meats are gluten-free, as are any of the sides listed on our menu, which have the GF symbol beneath them.

Yes, staff are included in the prices of our budget and premium packages.

We cook with rolled roasts approximately 15-20cm in diameter, they generally take about 2-2.5h to cook on the spit.

We choose to cook with whole beef rump, boneless pork legs, and boneless lamb legs. These cuts have a great balance of fat and flavour and, when cooked perfectly, are tender and juicy.

Our favourite cut of beef for spit roasting is the whole rump. We love it for its thick layer of fat on top, which renders down while cooking, self-basting the meat as it rotates.

Our favourite cut of lamb for rotisserie cooking is rolled boneless lamb legs. The shoulder is also very popular; it's really down to personal preference.

Our favourite cut and what we cook with is rolled boneless pork legs. The shoulder is also very popular; it's really down to personal preference.

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